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Hackney Wick FC: Community-owned grassroots football 
Islington has Arsenal, Haringey has Tottenham, Newham has West Ham, Waltham Forest has Leyton Orient but now the borough of Hackney will have Hackney Wick FC.  We want to give Hackney a club that the whole borugh can be proud of.  Hackney is a multicultural and diverse area and we want to bring the whole community together under one banner: Hackney Wick Football Club.  We will start off at grass root level and over the years hope to progress through the football pyramid.  Their first game was in July 2015. CMI World have powered them by developing their customer engagement and community development activities for the coming years
Follow them on Twitter and instagram @hackneywickfc and our Facebook page Hackney Wick FC.  Our website is,  #Up the Wickers

This project will Donations for this project will result in the various incentives: £1- £5 will result in a 'Thank you' message from CMI world, plus an annual reminder of the progress of the business for your donation with this social entreprise. £10 - £30 Secure membership to the Development Community™, we will also provide result in regular updates on the progress of the business, as well as future opportunities to place a stake and direction of the social enterprise. £30+ will help support the social enterprise and CMI world with plans to research, design and produce a new model of sustainable and green transportion which has the potential to transform urban private transportation in the region.

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