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To subscribe is free where you will receive updates of our ongoing and upcoming projects/campaigns both in the UK and other regions. You'll receive our newsletter and information of wider opportunities to get involved with some of our work. For example, our FREE Development Community lottery, which is a chance to get some injection to a community business or project of your choice! Click here to register


Membership to our Development Community™ network
Membership for our Development Community™, which is our network of social and physical innovators and learn about our opportunities with our development collaborations, planning and coordination strategy of a number of key projects and campaigns. Click here to Join now!
The costs are as followed:
Members receive special features, information and recognition/personal development on work within the Development Community™ 
£10 Individuals
£40 Community organisations/businesses
£250 National bodies, regional bodies
£500 Private sector organisations
contact: for more information on payment methods and benefits.Please find a membership form attached to this link. Cheques memberships payable to (please state on the back of the cheque whether payment is a donation or membership):
Donations and sponsorship
We always encourage sponsorship to help deliver our educational workshop/projects and support some of our social and physical innovators, advocates and volunteers in our areas of operations.
As a donor you will receive information of our activities, campaigns and projects frequently - as well as recognition from our Development Community™ partners



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