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The Development Community tm

This is a network of our experience development professional who share ideas on how to support social change one project or community business at a time. 

URBAN/RURAL future cities

We want to work closely with local communities and development professionals to ensure that new project take an integrated approach with new development & infrastructure plans to ensure that ownership is shared – and people feel connected to areas and communities much more closely than in the past..



As we acknowledge that more than half the world’s population are now living within cities, which creates many challenges for planning and designer professionals. One interesting statictic connected to this highlights that '33% of new urban dwellers live in slums/informal settlements', which indicates that people are living in poor conditions. This also creates a poor perception about the lack of real opportunities within rural communities, leaving people with the aspirations to move away and not cultivate the land or provide solutions..


This project will help to educate communities on simple ways to encourage innovation and problem solving towards practical solutions in their communities. This will be educational sessions on how people can go about creating safe design and prototypes from their ideas - as we will only provide technical assistance to their ideas.

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